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Attention viewers..

We will be posting audio files tomorrow, file extensions would be mp3. If you have any recommendations about audio files such as your favorite bands/artists, please click here.

Please check the site to know the new updates.

Thank you.. 😡




Site Devlopement

Currently we are working the development of the site. We have receive a couple of suggestions from the visitors coming right here. Don’t worry guys we have noted all of your suggestions and expect to have changes and more to come. 🙂 Just give us time to fix and tweak the site based on your preference and style. Don’t forget to contact us on facebook! 😀

– Anatomy and Heiz

Attention: Bleach Fans..!

If you’re waiting patiently for Bleach, it wasn’t printed in this week’s issue since Kubo came down with the flu bug apparently. So we have to wait until next week..!